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The world has been brought down to her knees by the second and third waves of COVID 19 pandemic. Nigeria was hit by the pandemic unexpectedly and the senior citizens were the worst hit. Ravaged amidst the socio economic impact of the disease and all pervasive sense of uncertainty, older people were faced with unimaginable threats to their safety and wellbeing.

It became a serious issue of emergency response during COVID 19 crisis and lockdowns in Nigeria. Our poor and vulnerable older persons were unable to access food and drugs as they became too expensive. Our helplines were so busy as we received on daily basis over 5,000 calls requesting for help for food and drugs, many could not go for their medical check up due to lack of space at the government hospitals during the COVID 19 initial crisis.

Age Nigeria swung into action, helping the elders with food and  drugs.

The government at all level responded, their officials reached out to them massively but many were still left out.

We made passionate appeal to our sponsors and mobilise resources to reach out to them for their nutrition and wellness.

Many of them especially in the rural areas are physically frail, with chronic diseases and living alone. They have no one to turn to, we have to be there for them.

Since.March 2020 when the pandemic broke out, we have been helping older persons in the cities and rural areas with food stuffs, hot meals and toiletries.

While maintaining social distance we encourage them with mental health activities and exercise to beat depression and loneliness.

We need your support to achieve more of our programs for Senior Citizens during this pandemic. By donating to Age Nigeria Foundation during this  pandemic, you will help us to reach poor older persons who can not survive alone during this pandemic.

We are presently mobilising our elders to take the covid,19 vaccines across many communities.

You can donate any amount for the following Items

1 personal Protective Equipment PPE

2 Medical Equipment

3 Distillers

4 Furniture and household items

5 clothings

6 Logistics for campaign and movement of older persons for immediate vaccination

6 Direct donation to support Older Persons, grandchildren and social workers

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