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Food Bank For Older Persons

Food Bank For Older Persons . Older persons and their dependants have relied on Age Nigeria Food Bank. We help with sufficient nutritional food stuffs packed in a box for older persons to be served with dignity, each box can serve an elder for two weeks. Two boxes is what an elder need in a month and be fully okay with good nutrition and be satisfied for a month.

 For the past ten years Age Nigeria Foundation has distributed over 5 million food boxes for older person in Nigeria to eliminate hunger in older age. Food remained the biggest challenge of older persons in our society.

Our Food Bank provides Older Persons in need with a box of variety nutritional food stuffs, vegetables and toiletries to help them till the end of the month until they get their next pension. When the food box is exhausted and the pension payment is delayed, they can pick a food box. For the  poor elders who do not receive pension and are abandoned completely, the food bank serves them continuously, this is to help maintain their dignity especially in the rural areas and some parts of the urban areas where we have  elders in very extreme poverty. Many elders are on the streets begging for food. Older Persons are the most affected by the corona virus pandemic as the nation battles the 3 waves of the pandemic. We want to keep them off the streets during thiss pandemic.

At Age Nigeria various centers for creative Ageing and Research, we receive over 5,000 calls from elders requesting for food supports. The elders need food, toiletries and household items. The hunger situation is worse and can be better imagined. ” My children do not visit me anymore, the government do not want  the older people to go out and huzzle, how do we eat, l eat good food just twice a week. I don’t want to die of hunger. I only eat whem neighbours remember me  and bring their left overs for me. Help me look for my children before l die of hunger”. Madam Abike a woman living with disability said this when official of Age Nigeria visited her. Its pathetics many elders die of hunger .We must stop this.

The extreme poverty and hunger in older age moved us to start Age Nigeria Self Help for Older Person and it remain sure way to lift more elders out of poverty. Unfortunately the Pandemic affects the initiative

We need your help to defeat hunger in older age in Nigeria. No one should live in older age with hunger.

We need the generosity of individual and corporate organisations to help us end hunger in older age in Nigeria,

Help provide 2 Million food boxes to Senior Citizens in Nigeria who need food and toiletries before World Elders Abuse Awareness Day . June 15th 2022.

Help Stop Hunger in Older Age

More Older Person do not know where their next meal will come from making them to feel depressed and neglected .They go to bed on empty stomachs.

Support us to ensure older persons in needs and their grandchildren receive nutritional food and toiletries they need.

Many elders do not have food and they need to use their drugs to maintain their health. Without food they can’t use the drugs which they need to sustain their lives leading to more health problem for elders in Nigeria. With the price of food and energy out of reach of most elders due to Pandemic and the devastating effect of armed bandits and herdsmen in Nigeria. We need more help than ever before.

Donate today and give hope to Seniors in Nigeria.