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Fundraise for Age Nigeria Foundation

Fund raise for our good cause- Wherever you are, you can fundraise for us, this will make it possible for us to raise more fund and lift more vulnerable elders in Nigeria out of poverty.

Your fund will make us reach out to them through our initiatives which include Free Medical Treaments in rural areas and urban communities, Food Bank for Older Persons, eyes treatments and cataract surgeries, Ear.treatments and aids, mobility and tours for elders, drugs and hospital appointments,  meals on Wheels, seminars etc.

Older Persons are faced with lots of challenge in Nigeria. When you fundraise for us, you are part of our solutions. We desire quality lives for elders in Nigeria.

Help fundraise today. You can involve your friends and family at home or at workplace, also your group members and club members.

If you have interested and passion to raise fund for us, kindly get in touch with us,

You can contact us on @fundraising

Fundraise for Older Persons

Set up an Age Nigeria Foundation fundraising page on Just Given

This will give you a bigger platform to raise domations, making people know you support our cause .

We solicit for your support to donate laptops,Android phones and tablets to our Center for Creative Ageing and research for older people to be part of digital economy.


BE OUR DIGITAL AMBASSADORS FOR SENIOR CITOZENS.  If you have interest to impact digital  knowledge to our Senior Citizens Contact us .Our Senior Citizens need to have access to digital world and be connected to our smart communities.

They should be taught basic knowledge on how to use the digital divice and help reduce the digital divide among all ages.

We need young digital volunteers to help teach Senior Citizens the use of digital devices and make them reach out to their loved ones through video call, buy and sell on line, improve their knowledge skills, secure job on line and enjoy quality and active lives.


Please contact us if you are interested to fundraise for us or be our Digital Ambassador

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