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All through the year we organise campaigns,seminars and events on activities that are at the heart of older persons. We create awareness on issues that affect their rights in Nigeria. We want everyone to know about issues that affect their wellbeing. Through our campaigns for older persons, for over ten  years, they are now more feasible, active and without fear to ask for their rights in Nigeria. We have trained lots of older persons to be right advocates of their fellow elders.

Our efforts paid off when are part of the first policy on Older Persons on health and welfare by the Federal Government Ministry of Health. HEPIC-Z was launched by General Muhammed Buhari rtd. President Federal Republic of Nigeria.

We desire more policies for older persons, we want government at all levels to hear more from older persons rights campaigners.

We can only get more attention from government and achieve more results through your support and help.

We want to organise more campaigns, colorful rallies, flash mobs, seminars and visits with older persons to government officials and make more demands on issues that affect them like cases of elder abuse, ageism, pension benefits, neglect and violence against older persons. We need to present them to the government and general public.

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