In considering the needs of older people, it is well, first to remember that older people have the need that are common to all people and secondly, that they have special needs due to the fact that they are old people.
The needs which are common to all people are:
(1) Emotional security and affection, met by receiving love and by living in a world where things are predictable and come out usually in a favorably or at least tolerable way.
(2) Social recognition and status, met by receiving¬† respect from people who count in one’s world.
(3) A sense of worth and respect, met by living up to one’s ideas.
(4) Adequate food, clothing, shelter as well as good health.
Whenever this common needs are not met as well as people have grown accustomed to expect, their is a social problem. If we have social problem of old age today, it is because these needs are not met adequately in the lives of many older people.Help the elderly today!