>Be understanding when the elderly person seems to be stubborn about something. Put yourself in their position; they’ve given up their independence and must now rely on you for care. Any little thing that they can hold on to help them feel more independent. When you understand why they are being so stubborn, it’s much easier to handle and you’ll have much less stress.

>Take care of yourself as you care for the elderly. Your emotions can become very stressful when caring for the elderly; you’re giving up your own freedom to care for someone who doesn’t seem to appreciate it. You may feel like you are being pulled in many directions. Don’t take it personally and don’t hold on to negatives from the past, it will only stress you more. Take time to care for yourself and do things for yourself. Go to a movie or go to the beach. Take a break, it’s good for both of you. Laugh a lot.

>Listen to your elder; they have so many great things to tell you. Listening is a form of respect and we all want that. Take the time to have a chat with your elder person every day; it will benefit both of you. When your elderly loved one is gone, you will cherish this time.